Maine Invitational Scratch Tournament


Tournament #1
September 16, 2012
Sparetime Recreation, Augusta

Derek Webb defeated Joe Ramsdell III 177-172.

Emily Brigham won the bottle of Knockout, provided by Bowl Pro Sales.

Joe Colcord is the winner of the first ball raffle.

Complete Results:

I would first like to thank Donna Bowden and her entire staff at Spare Time Recreation for hosting our kickoff event of the 2012-2013 season. They have been with us from the beginning, and they do a great job honoring each and every request the M.I.S.T. makes of them, so please stop by and say thanks to them the next time you’re there. As many of you know, the M.I.S.T. bowls on a variety of oil patterns during the season, and one main thing we try to do is avoid the high scoring “typical house shots”. We are looking for the biggest and best scratch bowlers from northern New England, and we feel that the best way to do that is to bowl on oil patterns where shot making and spare shooting are paramount to a successful tournament, and not just good pin carry. With that being said, we bowled on the Carmen Salvino oil pattern, which is a medium volume, 40ft. pattern, very low ratio (around 2:1) which challenges bowlers but allows them to attack it from multiple angles to be successful. We had (26) entries, which means that there were (6) cash qualifiers and the top (4) moved on to the step ladder final rolloffs. Here are the qualifying scores, with the cut line denoted by a “—”:
Place Bowler Score
1 Joe Ramsdell III 914
2 Scott Moore 840
3 Aaron Thiboutot 792
4 Derek Webb 790
5 Jason Ward 780
6 Bob Grasse 777
—————— ———
7 Joe Colcord 768
t-8 Curt Knightly 761
t-8 Dean Lagner 761
10 Chris George 757
11 Jason Mansir 749
12 Emily Brigham 742
13 Bob Nile 733
14 John Archer 712
15 Cathy Bouchard 701
16 Rick Campbell 693
17 Matt Knightly 691
18 Sarah Pelletier 690
19 Bob Violette 687
20 Jimmy Clark 677
21 Justin Quinones 674
22 Cory Lagner 669
23 Andy Hopkins 660
24 Jim Goulding Jr 641
25 Troy Trombley 607
26 James Ward 500

6th place, picking up (45) BOY points and making $65 was Bob Grasse who shot a nice 777 four game total. Our 5th place finisher, grabbing (50) BOY points and $85 was Jason Ward. Jason fired a 780 total on a tough Carmen Salvino oil pattern. Good job guys! Our first step ladder match featured 4th seeded Derek Webb, bowling against first time M.I.S.T. participant and 3rd seeded Aaron Thiboutot. Derek qualified 4th with a 790, while Aaron shot 792 to qualify 3rd. Here is the result of their match:

Derek Webb – 192
Aaron Thiboutot – 155

Derek won our first match, defeating Aaron 192-155. Aaron did an outstanding job in his first ever M.I.S.T. event, picking up a 4th place finish, and grabbing (60) BOY points and pocketing a cool $120. I don’t think this will be the last we see of Aaron this season, well done. Our semi-final match featured Derek Webb facing off against our 2nd seed, and former M.I.S.T. champion, Scott Moore. Scott qualified 2nd with a very nice 840 four game total. Would Derek keep running the table, or would Scott take down the lefty and advance to the championship match? Here is the result of their match:

Derek Webb – 243
Scott Moore – 188

As you can see, Derek got dialed in and never looked back, winning the semi-final match 243-188 over Scott Moore. Scott made a vailant effort, but Derek proved to be too much on this day. Scott did a fantastic job all day, picking up a 3rd place finish, and nabbing (70) BOY points and making $160 for his effort. Nicely done Scott. This set up an all lefty final, as Derek moved on to face first time M.I.S.T. qualifier, and fellow southpaw, Joe Ramsdell III. Joe dominated the field, posting our only score over 900, with his 914 total for four games to qualify 1st. But, in a one game rolloff, anything can happen, so would Derek complete his epic run through the field, or would Joe exert his dominance he had shown during qualifying? Here is the score from their matchup:

Derek Webb – 177
Joe Ramsdell III – 172

On a tough scoring pattern, our championship match came right down to the last frame, as it should be. Derek pulled off the rare feat of running through (3) tough opponents on his way to picking up his first ever M.I.S.T. title, congrats Derek! Let’s not forget the job Joe Ramsdell III did, though. He turned in a great effort, finishing in 2nd place in his first ever M.I.S.T. finals, and grabbed (80) BOY points along with a very nice $220 pay day. Great bowling Joe. The story today was Derek Webb, and his cinderella run through the finals field, taking down some of the biggest names in Maine bowling today. For the win, Derek grabbed a huge (100) BOY points and collected a $290 pay day for the win. This was a great finals, and a superb way to kick off the 2012-2013 M.I.S.T. season. Good job everyone!