Maine Invitational Scratch Tournament


M.I.S.T. #4 Recap: Family Fun Lanes, Bangor, ME.

Hello bowlers, and welcome to the recap for the M.I.S.T. held on December 9, 2012 at Family Fun Lanes in Bangor, ME. This was a special event for the M.I.S.T., as it was run in conjunction with the Johnson Family Fundraiser, which immediately followed the M.I.S.T. tournament. I would like to give a big thanks to Andy and all of his staff at Family Fun Lanes for allowing the M.I.S.T. to switch dates and bowl an hour early, to allow our bowlers the chance to also participate in the Johnson Fundraiser after the M.I.S.T. As always, they are gracious hosts and we look forward to coming back again next season. I would like to recognize Mike Marsh and Krystal White, who worked tirelessly getting the Johnson Family Fundraiser off the ground and making it a smashing success. I understand that $10,000 was raised for the Johnson Family, and it is because of the effort of everyone involved that this was possible, so thank you Mike and Krystal for organizing this special event. I would also like to thank our title sponsor, Brunswick Bowling, for donating a raffle ball for each M.I.S.T. tournament this season. We raffled off a Brunswick Aura bowling ball, and all proceeds from this months’ ball raffle went to the Johnson Fundraiser. Our final total for the raffle was an amazing $265! Thank you to all of our bowlers who donated to this wonderful cause. The Brunswick Aura bowling ball was won by Corey Brigham, congrats Corey! Also, thank you to John Bovoy, who donates a bottle of Knockout premium bowling ball cleaner to each M.I.S.T. tournament. This months’ winner of the Knockout ball cleaner was Bob Violette. Lastly, I would like to thank Scott Moore, of Moore’s Pro Shop, who sponsors our Bowler of the Year competition. The winner of our BOY contest gets their choice of premium bowling ball professionally drilled by Moore’s Pro Shop. Also, Moore’s Pro Shop has offered to drill, free of charge, the bowling ball raffle winner’s bowling ball each month. Thank you Scott for your sponsorship and stepping up to help our bowlers receive the best drilling and pro shop experience in the state of Maine. We had a M.I.S.T. record of (39) entries this month, so thank you to everyone who came out and competed. This means that we would have (10) cash qualifiers, with the top (4) moving on to the step ladder finals to roll off for the title. Also, since we had more than (34) entries, we would have a (1) game position round, which gave our (10) cashers a chance to move up into the top (4), or, possibly slide out of top (4) contention. We bowled on a tough Team USA “Atlanta” oil pattern, which was 39 ft. in length, and sport compliant. The scores were lower, but the competition fierce, so here are the results of qualifying before the position round game, with the cash line denoted by a “---“:

Joe Ramsdell III – 839
Scott Moore – 807
Joe Colcord – 777
Jerry Donna – 776
Rodney Haney – 754
Jay Joslyn – 753
Rick Campbell – 753
Joe Kenney – 735
Cory Lagner – 731
Justin Brawn – 726
Sarah Pelletier – 722
Aaron Thiboutot – 713
Derek Webb – 713
Hurley Oliver – 713
John Archer – 709
Jason Ward – 706
Mike Dumais – 690
Jimmy Clark – 688
Jason Mansir – 684
James Goulding III – 678
Scott Pomroy – 676
Josh Mercier – 675
Jack Eisentrager – 664
James Ward – 664
Cathy Bouchard – 656
Dean Lagner – 653
Andrew Baldic - 647
Chris Austin – 647
Bob Violette – 644
Krystal White – 643
Steve Babb – 635
Adam Jordan – 628
Jason Spaulding – 628
Nick Hobbs – 626
Emily Brigham – 616
Roland Thiboutot – 615
Audra Mercier – 594
Derek Michaud – 594
Robert Rowe – 593

Our top (10) qualifiers bowled a (1) game position round, where this game was added to their (4) game total. Here is the final top (10) qualifying list after the position round game, with the top (4) denoted by a “---“:

Joe Ramsdell III – 1050
Scott Moore – 1039
Joe Colcord – 958
Rick Campbell – 935
Jerry Donna – 934
Joe Kenney – 929
Jay Joslyn – 924
Rodney Haney – 914
Cory Lagner – 910
Justin Brawn – 853

As you can see, there was quite a bit of movement up and down the list after the position round game, and congrats to all of our bowlers on a great day of bowling. Here are the 5 – 10 finishers, with their bowler of the year points earned, as well as how much money the won next to their name:
10) Justin Brawn – 25 BOY points - $50
9) Cory Lagner – 30 BOY Points - $55
8) Rodney Haney – 35 BOY Points - $60
7) Jay Joslyn – 40 BOY Points - $70
6) Joe Kenney – 45 BOY Points - $85
5) Jerry Donna – 50 BOY Points - $100

Our 4th seed was Rick Campbell, shooting a 935 (5) game total, bowling against 3rd seeded Joe Colcord who shot a 958 (5) game total. Here is the result of their match:

Joe Colcord – 181
Rick Campbell – 178

This was a very close match throughout, but Joe was able to pull out the victory over a tough opponent in Rick. Both bowlers are no stranger to M.I.S.T. finals, and a close match was expected from the get go. Rick bowled great all day, picking up a 4th place finish, 60 BOY points, and a nice $135 pay day. Our next match featured Joe Colcord taking on 2nd seeded Scott Moore, who shot a 1039 total for his (5) games. Here is the result of that match:

Scott Moore – 170
Joe Colcord – 152

This was another back and forth matchup, with Scott leading late in the match and a chance to shut out Joe with a mark and count in the 10th. Scott got the mark, but then the unthinkable happened, and he lost one off his hand and threw a gutter ball, giving Joe a slight chance to come back in the 10th. Joe needed to double, but leaked one a little right and left a washout, meaning that Scott would move on to the title match. Both bowlers did a great job on this tough pattern, and Joe did exceptional, picking up a 3rd place finish, 70 BOY points, and a nice $180 pay day. Our final match would feature Scott Moore bowling against last months’ winner, and top seeded Joe Ramsdell III. Joe was top seed with a nice 1050 (5) game total, and here is the result of our final match:

Joe Ramsdell III – 160
Scott Moore – 190
Scott and Joe had a seesaw match early on, but as the match wore on, Scott was able to take control by keeping the ball in play and making much easier spare conversions as a result. Joe has nothing to hang his head about, though, as he led the field all day, and picked up a nice 2nd place finish. Joe also grabbed 80 BOY points, and picked up a big $225 for his effort. Congrats Joe. The story of the day was Scott Moore, taming a tough “Atlanta” oil pattern, and Scott also picks up his first M.I.S.T. title of the season, and puts himself in great shape in our season long Bowler of the Year race. Scott grabbed 100 BOY points, and a nice $275 pay day for his efforts. Well done Scott! Here are the final standings, and BOY points earned from the M.I.S.T. held at Family Fun Lanes:

1) Scott Moore – 100
2) Joe Ramsdell III – 80
3) Joe Colcord – 70
4) Rick Campbell – 60
5) Jerry Donna – 50
6) Joe Kenney – 45
7) Jay Joslyn – 40
8) Rodney Haney – 35
9) Cory Lagner – 30
10) Justin Brawn – 5
11) Sarah Pelletier – 5
t-12) Aaron Thiboutot – 5
t-12) Derek Webb – 5
t-12) Hurley Oliver – 5
15) John Archer – 5
16) Jason Ward – 5
17) Mike Dumais – 5
18) Jimmy Clark – 5
19) Jason Mansir – 5
20) James Goulding III – 5
21) Scott Pomroy – 5
22) Josh Mercier – 5
t-23) Jack Eisentrager – 5
t-23) James Ward – 5
25) Cathy Bouchard – 5
26) Dean Lagner – 5
t-27) Andrew Baldic - 5
t-27) Chris Austin – 5
29) Bob Violette – 5
30) Krystal White – 5
31) Steve Babb – 5
t-32) Adam Jordan – 5
t-32) Jason Spaulding – 5
34) Nick Hobbs – 5
35) Emily Brigham – 5
36) Roland Thiboutot – 5
t-37) Audra Mercier – 5
t-37) Derek Michaud – 5
39) Robert Rowe – 5

Please join us next month, as we head to Spare Time Bowling Center (formerly Yankee Lanes) in Portland, ME. We will be there on January 20th, 2013. Check in time is 9:15 AM (back to our usual time), with bowling starting at our normal 10:00 AM time slot. Cost is $45, and we will be running $5 brackets and a $10 high game pot. We have both game (1, 2, 3) brackets and game (2, 3, 4) brackets, so there is something for everyone. Also, we will be raffling off a Brunswick Aura bowling ball, courtesy of Brunswick Bowling, please check them out at www.bowlwithbrunswick.com to see their entire high performance lineup. Chances for the bowling ball are $5 each, and all proceeds will go directly into the prize fund to be paid back to the bowlers. Thank you so much for supporting the M.I.S.T., and I look forward to seeing you next month in Portland. Have a very safe and Happy Holiday season everyone!