Maine Invitational Scratch Tournament



Hello M.I.S.T. bowlers, and welcome to the recap for the M.I.S.T. tournament held on January 20, 2013 at Spare Time Family Fun Center (formerly Yankee Lanes). I would first like to thank Scott Bodlovick and his staff for accommodating the M.I.S.T., and being gracious hosts. It is always a fun experience and we look forward to coming back next season. Also, I would like to thank our sponsors. Brunswick Bowling, who has donated a raffle ball to be given away each month, thank you for stepping up and sponsoring a grass roots scratch tournament in Maine. Our winner of the Brunswick Aura bowling ball this month was Rick Campbell. Also, a big thank you needs to be extended to John Bovoy of Bowl Pro Sales. He donates a bottle of Knockout premium bowling ball cleaner to be drawn each month. This month’s winner of the Knockout cleaner was Tony Fernandez. Congrats to Tony and Rick on their raffle prizes. Lastly, thank you to Scott Moore of Moore’s Pro Shop, who is donating a bowling ball of the winner’s choice, and drilling services to our Bowler of the Year, free of charge! Scott has also offered to drill, for free, each raffle ball we give away this season, all the winner has to do is pay for inserts and their thumb slug (if necessary). Thank you Scott for your generous donation of time and services, and make sure you see Moore’s Pro Shop for all of your bowling equipment needs. They are the official pro shop of the M.I.S.T.

The M.I.S.T. bowled on a tough USBC National oil pattern, the same one used last season in Baton Rouge, LA. This is a 2.2:1 ratio pattern, which forced bowlers to play tighter and wait for the lanes to break down and open up for any chance of higher scores. As is usually the case at the M.I.S.T., high scores would be a premium, and lower scores the norm and this tournament did not disappoint. We tied last month’s record total of (39) entries this month, which meant that we would have (10) cash qualifiers, and a (1) game position round for those (10) cashers to determine final placement and our top (4) seeds for the roll off finale. Here are the scores after our (4) game qualifying block, with the cut line denoted by a “---“:

Jimmy Clark – 867
Nelson Beaudoin – 827
Rich Hicks – 799
Shawn Grasse – 787
Tom Giberti – 771
Bob Nile – 768
Tony Fernandez – 760
Nick Dalfonso III – 760
Bob Lorrain – 748
Justin Davis – 747
Joe Colcord – 733
Joe Kenney – 733
Dustin Pizzi – 725
Steve Closuit – 721
Tom Durrell – 720
James Ward – 715
James Goulding III – 698
Eric Morin – 698
Joe Ramsdell III – 694
Mike Dumais – 693
Rick Campbell – 693
Jay Joslyn – 685
Aaron Thiboutot – 680
John Archer – 677
Dylan Davis – 674
Jason Spaulding – 655
Jim Cole – 652
Nick Hobbs – 648
Zachary Kay – 648
Jim Goulding Jr. – 643
Bob Farr – 641
Cory Lagner – 635
Scott Moore – 635
Cameron Bodlovick – 634
Jim Morin – 622
Jason Ward – 612
Cathy Bouchard – 605
Roland Thiboutot – 589
Martin Fowler – 572

Our (10) cash qualifiers then bowled a (1) game position round, which was added to their (4) game total. Here are the final cash standings after the position round game:

Jimmy Clark – 1042
Rich Hicks – 995
Nelson Beaudoin – 995
Tony Fernandez – 974
Bob Nile – 959
Tom Giberti Jr. – 943
Shawn Grasse – 938
Nick Dalfonso III – 903
Bob Lorrain – 898
Justin Davis – 867

Our top (4) bowlers advanced to the step ladder final roll off, while the 5-10 finishers got paid for their great bowling on a tough oil pattern. Each bowler listed will have the money they made, and next to that in parenthesis (), they will have the amount of Bowler of the Year points they picked up on the day. Here are our final 5-10 finishers:

10) Justin Davis - $50 (25)
9) Bob Lorrain - $55 (30)
8) Nick Dalfonso III - $60 (35)
7) Shawn Grasse - $70 (40)
6) Tom Giberti Jr. - $90 (45)
5) Bob Nile - $110 (50)

Our first match was between 4th seeded Tony Fernandez , who shot a 974 (5) game total, and 3rd seeded Nelson Beaudoin, who fired a 995 (5) game score. Nelson actually tied for 2nd, but lost a sudden death (1) ball roll off to Rich Hicks 9 to 7. So, here are the results of the match between Tony and Nelson:

Nelson Beaudoin – 168
Tony Fernandez – 200

Tony defeated Nelson to move onto the semi-final match 200-168 in his first finals appearance this season. Nelson had a great day, though, picking up a 4th place finish, making $160 and picking up (60) BOY points. Our next match featured Tony Fernandez bowling against 2nd seed Rich Hicks. Rich shot a 995 (5) game total, let’s see the result of our semi-final match:

Rich Hicks – 182
Tony Fernandez – 169

Rich held off a late charge by Tony to hang onto a 182-169 victory, moving him into the title match for the first time this season. Tony did a very good job on a tough oil pattern, picking up a 3rd place finish, $200, and (70) BOY points. Our championship match featured Rich Hicks against our top seed Jimmy Clark. Jimmy paced the field with a very impressive 1042 (5) game total. Would Jimmy prevail in a one game match, or could Rich build off the momentum he made in the semi-finals? Here is the result of the championship match:

Jimmy Clark – 183
Rich Hicks – 181

Jimmy Clark grabbed his first M.I.S.T. title of the 2012-2013 season, edging out Rich Hicks 183-181. This match came down to the last ball, as Jimmy needed (9) pins on his fill ball to win, and he struck high flush for the title. Great job today, though, by Rich Hicks, in his only M.I.S.T. of the season thus far. He picks up a 2nd place finish, a nice $240 pay day, along with (80) BOY points. Today, though, the story was Jimmy Clark and his mastery of the USBC National oil pattern. Jimmy bowled great all day, winning the title, along with the $300 1st place prize and the crucial (100) BOY points to go along with it. Congratulations Jimmy!

Here are the final standings, with the Bowler of the Year points earned by each bowler next to their name:

Jimmy Clark – 100
Rich Hicks – 80
Nelson Beaudoin – 70
Tony Fernandez – 60
Bob Nile – 50
Tom Giberti Jr. – 45
Shawn Grasse – 40
Nick Dalfonso III – 35
Bob Lorrain – 30
Justin Davis – 25
Joe Colcord – 5
Joe Kenney – 5
Dustin Pizzi – 5
Steve Closuit – 5
Tom Durrell – 5
James Ward – 5
James Goulding III – 5
Eric Morin – 5
Joe Ramsdell III – 5
Mike Dumais – 5
Rick Campbell – 5
Jay Joslyn – 5
Aaron Thiboutot – 5
John Archer – 5
Dylan Davis – 5
Jason Spaulding – 5
Jim Cole – 5
Nick Hobbs – 5
Zachary Kay – 5
Jim Goulding Jr. – 5
Bob Farr – 5
Cory Lagner – 5
Scott Moore – 5
Cameron Bodlovick – 5
Jim Morin – 5
Jason Ward – 5
Cathy Bouchard – 5
Roland Thiboutot – 5
Martin Fowler – 5

I will have an updated season long Bowler of the Year points on a separate report. Please join us next month as we head back to one of our favorite bowling centers, Spare Time Family Fun Center in Brunswick, ME. (formerly Yankee Lanes). Tournament date is February 17, 2013, with check-in time at 9:00 AM, and tournament bowling starting at 10:00 AM. Cost is $45, and we will as always have plenty of $5 brackets, and a $10 high game pot available. We will also be raffling off another high end Brunswick bowling ball, and I will post pictures of the ball when it arrives for our bowlers to look at. Chances for the ball are $5 each, and all the proceeds go directly back into the prize fund for the tournament. Please check out all the great bowling products that Brunswick has to offer at: www.bowlwithbrunswick.com. Thank you for supporting the M.I.S.T, and I hope to see you all again next month in Brunswick!