Maine Invitational Scratch Tournament


Hello bowlers, this is the recap of the MIST tournament held on February 17, 2013 at Spare Time Family Bowling Center in Brunswick, ME. This was the 6th tournament out of our 7 tournament bowling season. The season is winding down quickly, and this event was truly a special one. First, we got to bowl on a unique oil condition format. On every left lane bowlers competed on a 34ft. Team USA Stockholm oil pattern, and on every right lane bowlers shot on a 47ft. Team USA Paris oil pattern. This made for quick adjustments not only from pair to pair, but lane to lane as well. Secondly, we had (41) entries, which is a new MIST record, breaking the previous record of (40) set just last month in Portland! Our entries are at an all time high and I would like to thank you, the scratch bowlers of northern New England, for making it possible. Also, I would like to thank Dave Frye and his incredible staff at Spare Time Family Bowling Center for being such gracious hosts for the MIST again this season. This is one of our premier stops, and we look forward to coming back next season, and having an even bigger turnout! Since we had (41) entries, we would take (10) cash qualifiers into our 5th game position round. After the 5th game for our cash qualifiers, we cut down to the top (4) for our match play step ladder final. Here are the results from the (4) games of qualifying:

Dean Lagner – 820
Don Pelletier – 819
James Goulding III – 812

Rick Campbell – 812
Zachary Kay – 806
Joe Ramsdell III – 797
Rich Hicks – 796
Bob Nile – 791
Joe Colcord – 790
Aaron Thiboutot – 788
11) Nick Dalfonso III – 754
12) Justin Quinones – 752
13) Steven Babb – 750
14) James Ward – 745
15) Jim Morin – 736
16) Emily Brigham – 733
17) Chris George – 730
18) Nelson Beaudoin – 724
19) Alex Benner – 719
t-20) Derek Webb – 717
t-20) Jason Ward – 717
22) Tony Fernandez – 711
23) Nick Hobbs – 708
24) Scott Moore – 707
25) Mike Dumais – 702
26) Jon Small – 694 27) Andrew Hopkins – 692
28) Chris Austin – 688
29) Justin Brawn – 687
30) Cathy Bouchard – 685
t-31) Joe Kenney – 679
t-31) Corey Brigham – 679
33) Jay Joslyn – 667
34) Dave Wilson – 665
35) Bob Violette – 660
36) Steve Closuit – 652
37) Cory Lagner – 633
38) Roland Thiboutot – 630
39) Tom Durrell – 627
40) Bob Lorrain – 604
41) Adam Jordan – 568
Our top (10) qualifiers bowled a position round game, and here are the final cash standings after the position round game. We had a lot of movement, as we usually do in these games. The top (4) advance to the match play final, and positions 5-10 are listed with their name, money earned, and Bowler of the Year points earned in the final column.

Rick Campbell – 1045
Don Pelletier – 1016
Dean Lagner – 1006
Joe Ramsdell III – 1004
5) James Goulding III – 994 / $120 / 50
6) Bob Nile – 991 / $110 / 45
7) Zachary Kay – 984 / $90 / 40
8) Joe Colcord – 984 / $90 / 35
9) Rich Hicks – 973 / $70 / 30
10) Aaron Thiboutot – 959 / $60 / 25
Our first match was between 4th seeded Joe Ramsdell III and 3rd seeded Dean Lagner. Here is the result of their match:

Dean Lagner – 203
Joe Ramsdell III – 227

Joe and Dean both bowled great games on these tough oil patterns, but Joe was able to come out on top with the ability to string together a few long strings of strikes. Dean did great, picking up a nice 4th place finish, a $150 pay day, and getting 60 BOY points on the day. Congrats Dean! The semi-final match featured first time MIST finalist Don Pelletier and Joe Ramsdell III. Here is the result of their match:

Don Pelletier – 150
Joe Ramsdell III – 235

Don could never get lined up on the championship pair of lanes, and Joe was in dead stroke the whole match. Don did a fantastic job making his first ever MIST final, ending up with a nice 3rd place finish and getting $200 and 70 BOY points on the day. Congrats Don! This set up a great championship match between top seeded Rick Campbell and Joe Ramsdell III. Both bowlers are great competitors and no strangers to MIST finals. Here is the result of their match:

Rick Campbell – 215
Joe Ramsdell III – 237

Congrats to Joe Ramsdell III for winning his 2nd MIST title of the season. This victory means that with one tournament to go, Joe has locked up our Bowler of the Year title for the 2013 – 2013 season. Congrats on that also Joe! Rick did a great job all day, and just came up a little short against Joe, but a 215 on those lane conditions is normally good enough for a win. Rick picked up a 2nd place finish, 80 BOY points and a nice $250 pay day. Joe, with his victory, grabbed 100 BOY points and a huge $310 paycheck. Congrats on a great day of bowling Joe, and a superb season to boot.

I would like to thank our sponsors while I have a moment. Moore’s Pro Shop sponsors our Bowler of the Year competition, and as a result of his BOY title, Joe Ramsdell III will be able to pick out any ball from Moore’s Pro Shop free of charge, including drilling. Thank you to Scott Moore and Moore’s Pro Shop for their generous sponsorship. Moore’s Pro Shop is the official pro shop of the MIST, check them out at Spare Time Recreation in Lewiston next time you’re there, and call to set up your professional drilling appointment, or see one of the expert staff that work there for anything bowling related.

Brunswick Bowling is one of our title sponsors this season, and they have also signed on for next season, which is another of our big announcements this month. Brunswick donates a high end raffle ball to be drawn each month for one of our lucky MIST participants, and this month’s winner was Joe Ramsdell III. Congrats on winning the Brunswick Meanstreak Brawler bowling ball Joe! Check out the entire Brunswick product line at: www.bowlwithbrunwsick.com. B is for bowling!

Lastly, we would like to thank John Bovoy of Bowl Pro Sales. He donates a large bottle of Knockout premium bowling ball cleaner to be given out at each MIST tournament. This month’s winner was Bob Violette. Congrats Bob, and make sure to keep those bowling balls clean with that fine product. Check out Bowl Pro Sales or contact John Bovoy for more details on all of their great bowling products!

Here are the Bowler of the Year points earned from the MIST held at Spare Time Family Bowling Center in Brunswick, ME. on February 17, 2013. I will have an updated season long BOY points list on a separate report:

Joe Ramsedll III – 100
Rick Campbell – 80
Don Pelletier – 70
Dean Lagner – 60
James Goulding III – 50
Bob Nile – 45
Zachary Kay – 40
Joe Colcord – 35
Rich Hicks – 30
Aaron Thiboutot – 25
Nick Dalfonso III – 5
Justin Quinones – 5
Steven Babb – 5
James Ward – 5
Jim Morin – 5
Emily Brigham – 5
Chris George – 5
Nelson Beaudoin – 5
Alex Benner – 5
Derek Webb – 5
Jason Ward – 5
Tony Fernandez – 5
Nick Hobbs – 5
Scott Moore – 5
Mike Dumais – 5
Jon Small – 5
Andrew Hopkins – 5
Chris Austin – 5
Justin Brawn – 5
Cathy Bouchard – 5
Joe Kenney – 5
Corey Brigham – 5
Jay Joslyn – 5
Dave Wilson – 5
Bob Violette – 5
Steve Closuit – 5
Cory Lagner – 5
Roland Thiboutot – 5
Tom Durrell – 5
Bob Lorrain – 5
Adam Jordan – 5

Please join us for the season ending MIST on March 17, 2013 at Spare Time Recreation Center in Lewiston, ME. There is still plenty of room to move to get into the top 10 in our season long BOY list, so come see what the MIST is all about. Check in time is 9:00 AM with tournament bowling starting at 10:00 AM. Cost is only $45, and we run a $10 high game pot, and plenty of $5 scratch brackets. Thank you for supporting the MIST again this season, and I look forward to seeing you all for one last great tournament stop on March 17 in Lewiston!