Honor Scores

Paul Pelletier bowled his bowled his first LAUSBCA 300 game on 10/24/13 in the Industrial Park league. Follow all the honor scores this year by visiting the Honor Scores page.


The last meeting of the Association was November 17, 2013. The next meeting is January 5, 2014. For more details and the financial reports, go to the meetings page.


Entry forms for the Women's state tournament being held in Lewiston will be out in mid-January. The City Tournament entry forms will be out in late January.


A new awards program is being developed for next season as USBC will be discontinuing most of it's in season awards. Members will have the opportunity to pick a program at the annual membership meeting in May 2014.

League News

Leagues are are in full swing for the fall/winter season. Visit the Leagues Home Page for details.

Bowler of the Month

The Bowler of the Month for Nomvember 2013 is Carol Barker of the Sparetime Ladies League. For complete Bowler of the Month information, go to the Bowler of the Month page.