Maine Invitational Scratch Tournament

2012 - 2013 M.I.S.T. Tournament Rules


The M.I.S.T. will bowl 4 games of qualifying across 8 lanes, moving one pair to the right after the completion of each game. There will be no more than (6) bowlers on each pair of lanes, unless there are circumstances beyond the tournament manager’s control that force us to put more than 6 bowlers per pair of lanes. One in every four bowlers (majority thereof) qualify for cash prizes, with the top four bowlers from qualifying bowling head to head in a seeded step ladder match play format. Bowlers will receive (2) practice balls per lane at the start of the tournament, on the pair of lanes each bowler is assigned to begin. If there are more than 34 entries (9 cash qualifiers), than a one game position round will help determine seeding for the stepladder finals. Only the bowlers who qualify for cash prizes will participate in the position round game. Stepladder finals for the top four bowlers will commence after the position round game when applicable. The highest seeded bowler for each stepladder final round determines starting order. Bowlers will get (2) practice balls per lane before the start of each stepladder final match. If the bowler chooses to go first, he/she will start on the left lane always, throwing (1) frame, and then the next bowler following by starting their game on the right lane, throwing (2) frames. Each bowler will throw (2) consecutive frames for the remainder of the match, alternating play so that the bowler who began the match, will also be the one finishing the match last. Bowlers are welcome to bowl practice games before the tournament, and during stepladder round(s) on lanes not assigned to the tournament, but the cost of the practice games will not be covered by the M.I.S.T. Each bowler must pay for his or her own practice games.

If there is a tie after qualifying for casher(s) spot(s) (not including the top 4 for the step ladder finals), the bowlers will split the prize money for the two spots, but, the bowler of the year points will be determined by the bowler who had the highest game during qualifying. If there is still a tie, then the next highest game will determine placement, and so on. If there is a tie for the final cashing position, then there will be a one ball roll off to determine the bowler who gets the spot. Starting lane and starting order will be determined by the bowler who had the highest game during qualifying. If the bowler chooses to go first, he/she will start on the left lane always, throwing (1) ball, and then the next bowler following by starting their game on the right lane, throwing (1) ball only. Each bowler will throw (1) ball for the remainder of the match, until a winner is determined.

If there is a tie for a match play position, then the higher seed will be determined by the bowler who had the highest game during qualifying. If there is a tie at the end of any match play game, then we will commence with a one ball roll off to determine the winner of the match. Choice of starting lane and starting order for the tiebreaker roll off is determined by the highest seeded bowler in the step ladder finals If the bowler chooses to go first, he/she will start on the left lane always, throwing (1) ball, and then the next bowler following by starting their game on the right lane, throwing (1) ball. Each bowler will throw (1) ball for the remainder of the match, until a winner is determined. A merit-based point system is used to determine the bowler of the year. Cash prizes will be awarded at the completion of each tournament, there will be no money rolled over from tournament to tournament, all funds will be distributed at each tournament stop.


Sunday mornings, 10:00 AM. Check in is at 9:15 AM. This is a one squad only tournament.


$45 entry fee, cash only. No credit cards or checks will be accepted. There is also an optional $5 raffle for a brand new Brunswick bowling ball offered to each competitor, but not required to bowl in the M.I.S.T.


All USBC sanctioned amateur bowlers are eligible to bowl in the M.I.S.T. If you are not USBC certified, you must pay for certification prior to bowling at the cost of $21 (or current USBC dues for the season). You can also choose to pay a $5 USBC participation fee only (if you’re not already sanctioned), but you will not be eligible for USBC awards, period. PBA members are allowed to bowl in the M.I.S.T., provided they have a valid USBC sanction. If you are under 18, you need to have a waiver signed by your legal guardian prior to bowling each and every tournament, there is no “carry over” for signed parental consent forms, bowlers must have one signed for every tournament entry, no exceptions. The M.I.S.T. is a participant in the USBC S.M.A.R.T. program, and any cash prizes that youth bowlers earn will be deposited in a S.M.A.R.T. account for their use at a later date. All rules governing the use and distribution of S.M.A.R.T. account funds is covered in the USBC manual under the S.M.A.R.T. section, and the M.I.S.T. abides by the rules and guidelines set forth in the USBC manual regarding the S.M.A.R.T. program; The M.I.S.T. is a cash prize only tournament, with the exception of S.M.A.R.T. funds. No youth bowler wishing to keep eligibility status will be allowed to participate in brackets or side pot action. The M.I.S.T. also does not allow for a person to submit another bowlers name into brackets or side pot action, if a bowler wants to participate they need to put themselves in, period, no exceptions!


Collared shirts or collarless “mock” style bowling shirts are recommended attire at all M.I.S.T. events. T-shirts may also be worn provided they are neat, clean, not ripped, and contain no profanity or offensive material. Sweatshirts and sleeveless shirts are not allowed. Neat, clean, jeans, corduroys, or dress slacks are also required. Shorts may be worn, provided they are of a dress (or clean jean) type material. No cut-offs, sweat pant, or spandex type material is acceptable for shorts. Capri pants for women are allowed; Sweat pants are not allowed. Hats may be worn provided they are neat, clean and not ripped and contain no profanity or offensive material. A bowler will be asked to change any clothes that do not comply with the dress code. If a bowler does not have a change of clothes, then they will receive (1) warning (provided their clothing is deemed non-offensive) from the tournament manager, and will be forced to comply with the dress code at every other M.I.S.T. tournament in the future. A failure to do so will result in disqualification from any future tournament.


We will be using a one lane courtesy rule for each tournament. If you wish to have more than one lane for courtesy, it is your choice, but not required by tournament rule. But, if you are slowing down tournament play by wanting more than one lane courtesy, you will receive one warning only by the tournament director before being asked to leave the tournament. We will not tolerate slow play, and if it becomes an issue, it will be dealt with swiftly by tournament management. Rude, obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated. Bowlers will receive one warning from the tournament director, after which time you will be asked to leave the tournament immediately if you do not comply. Any cash prizes over $600 a bowler has won in the last calendar year need to be reported to the tournament director prior to the start of bowling. All bowlers need to be USBC certified in good standing to bowl in the M.I.S.T. All other general tournament rules are covered in the tournament section of the USBC manual. All decisions by the tournament director are final, appeals must be submitted in writing.


Tournament Expenses: = $ 15 (Lineage, supplies, etc.)
Prize Fund: = $ 30 (Guaranteed per bowler)
Total = $ 45 (Entry fee per bowler for each M.I.S.T. event)


Tournament entry = 5 points

Qualifying Points:

15th and 16th place = 10 points
13th and 14th place = 15 points
11th and 12th place = 20 points
10th place = 25 points
9th place = 30 points
8th place = 35 points
7th place = 40 points
6th place = 45 points
5th place = 50 points
4th place = 60 points
3rd place = 70 points
2nd place = 80 points
1st place = 100 points
*The bowler with the most total points at the completion of the 7 event tournament bowling season wins the M.I.S.T. Bowler of the Year title, and any prizes along with it. Also, the person who wins the Bowler of the Year title has until December 1st of the current calendar year to get in touch with Moore’s Pro Shop to finalize their ball of choice for winning the M.I.S.T. Bowler of the Year title. If you have not claimed your prize by December 1st, then you lose it, period, no exceptions. This gives the bowler (8) months to claim their prize, which is more than sufficient time to choose a bowling ball from Moore’s Pro Shop.


The M.I.S.T. is not a sport sanctioned event, so the use of sport certified lane conditions does not specifically apply, though it is not out of the realm of possibility that the M.I.S.T. could bowl on lane conditions similar to a sport condition from time to time. The lane condition will be determined by each individual bowling center, and it will be up to the center manager if they want to make a graph of the lane condition available for all the bowlers to see. This is not a requirement; however the tournament manager will request this information at each tournament stop. Any honor scores shot will be subject to any and all inspections required by the USBC.


All bowling balls used for competition in the M.I.S.T. must be on the USBC acceptable equipment list. A bowler caught using a ball that is not USBC approved, will have that piece of equipment removed from play immediately. During competition, bowlers may apply bowling ball cleaners and polishes by hand in the bowling area only; they cannot be applied outside of the bowling area (i.e. in the pro shop, locker room or equipment paddock) or with the use of a ball spinner. Cleaners and polishes used during competition must contain no solids or abrasives and must found (and properly labeled) on the USBC list of acceptable Commercial Ball Cleaners/Polishes. Abrasive pads, such as sandpaper, Abralon or Scotch Brite, may only be used before competition, and any alterations made using these materials must be made to the entire surface of a bowling ball. Any attempt to use abrasive products during competition will be an automatic disqualification from the tournament. Any questions, please feel free to ask the tournament manager before using a product.